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There Has Been A Change...To The Change Of Carterville Football At Du Quoin

I will say one thing about this Carterville Lions football have to stay on your toes. I'm not talking about the players specifically. I'm just talking about Lions fans and yes the players too.

After Herrin was forced to cancel the game with Carterville last week, the Lions were fortunate enough to find a team from St. Louis that would make the drive Cville to play at the last minute.

It was also last week that we learned that Du Quoin was being forced to cancel their game last week due to Covid as well.

This past Monday, it was announced that the Carterville at Du Quoin game would be played on Monday, April 26th, with kickoff scheduled for 6:00 PM.

Today we learn the game has been moved back to this Friday night at 7:00 PM. This will be Senior Night for the Indians at Van Metre Field.

If there are any further changes

Scott and I will have the radio broadcast for you starting at 6:45 PM on NewsRadio WJPF (1340 AM/FM 99.5).

You can also watch the livestream here:

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