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NFL Picks - Week 8

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Last week was just a mediocre week pick wise as I went 7-6.

Here are my picks for week #8.

Falcons vs. Panthers - 27-17 Falcons

Vikings at Packers ❌28-22 Vikings

Titans at Bengals ❌31-20 Bengals

Jets at Chiefs - ✅35-9 Chiefs

Colts at Lions -❌ 41-21 Colts

Steelers at Ravens ❌28-24 Steelers

Rams at Dolphins 28-17 Dolphins

Patriots at Bills ✅ 24-21 Bills

Raiders at Browns ❌ 16-6 Raiders

Chargers at Broncos ❌31-30 Broncos

Saints at Bears ✅ 26-23 Saints

49ers at Seahawks ❌ 37-27 49ers

Cowboys at Eagles ✅ 23-9 Eagles

Buccaneers at Giants ✅ 25-23 Bucs

The one pick on here that I didn't want to make was the Saints beating my Bears. I'm done with the play calling from the sidelines from Coach Nagy, and I believe it's time to bring Mitchell back as the QB. At least, he is mobile enough to run and make some yards when needed.

Let's see how this goes. I hope you have a great week with your picks.

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