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Here We Go! - Harrisburg At Carterville - Playoffs

Lets flash back for a moment...all the way back to last Friday night.

Week 9 of the high school football season featured a matchup between the Harrisburg Bulldogs and the Carterville Lions.

On a night when the Lions were celebrating the seniors not just on the football team but all the fall sports senior players, the football team closed the night out in style with a 45-12 win.

The Lions were efficient in all aspects of the game. In my opinion, probably the best played game of the season. That's a good sign going into playoff season.

Five different players scored touchdowns for the Lions:

First quarter:

9:33 - 24 yard pass Hellreigle to Bittle

6:57 - 38 yard pass Hellreigle to Burkey

3:37 - 34 ayrd pass Hellreigle to Cordes

Second quarter:

4:39 - 61 yard pass Hellreigle to Barton

1:23 - 23 yard run for Barton

Third Quarter:

9:13 - 16 yard run for Lannom

Fourth Quarter:

3:28 - 34 yard field goal by Luttenbacher

Oh, and don't forget the Lions executed a perfectly played onside kick which the later score on in the first quarter to take command of the game.

As you can see, this Lions team has plenty of weapons offensively and Coach Brett Diel and has been spreading the love in the offensive play calling.

But do not forget about the boys in the trenches on the line on both sides of the ball. And defensively, the team can play shutdown defense.

You always hope that once you get to the playoffs, you will have the opportunity to play someone new...someone who haven't played before. But this is something that schools have absolutely zero control over.

The task at hand is to focus on who is in front of you. This week, it's the Bulldogs.

These teams come in to this game knowing what the other brings. There should be no surprises shown by either team.

This is a game where you just go out and hopefully execute at a high level.

The winner of this game will face Freeburg, who defeated Richland County 69-19 last night.

I spoke with Coach Brett Diel about the repeat matchup against the Harrisburg Bulldogs

There is nothing like a home game in the playoffs. 2015 was the last time the Lions hosted a home playoff game. That is the cross-county game between the Lions and Herrin.

I hope everyone is able to come out and support this team. They are a fun team to watch. If you can't make it out, we will have our live stream up and running or can you catch the play by play call as always on NewsRadio WJPF.

You can watch it here.

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