• Dave McKenzie

You Must Have Water To Play Ball

Rent One Park, Marion, IL

Even the Southern Illinois Miners couldn't escape the water issue that most of Southern Illinois has been dealing with the last couple of days.

Tonight's game has been postponed until Saturday due to the water shortage. As a result, the Miners will play a double-header on Saturday, when they host the River City Rascals at Rent One Park. The first game will start at 5:05 pm.

If you had tickets for tonight's game that was postponed, you can bring your ticket to the box office and exchange it for a ticket to any game this season.

This is expected to be a busy weekend at Rent One Park. Saturday night will be a fun night as the great Domingo Ayala makes an appearance.

As stated on his website, Domingo Ayala was born and raised in Puerto Plata, DR sometime between 1978 and 1988 (records have not been verified). At a young age with the influence of his cousin and longtime baseball coach, Vladimir Ayala, Domingo began to excel at the game of baseball. In the Dominican Republic, Domingo has been a 7-time Infielder of the Year and 6-time Outfielder of the Year award winner (two years overlapping when he played both SS and LF in order to hit twice in the lineup).

It's always a great time when Domingo hits the field and I'm excited to learn the secrets of being a great beisbol playa. You can get a idea of just how good this guy is by watching his video on how to hit a home run the right way.

Sunday night will be a special night as it's Autism Night. Plan on coming out and spending an evening of great baseball with the Miners. After the game, kids will have the chance to run the bases at Rent One. First pitch is at 5:05 pm on Sunday as well.

There are a ton of changes at Rent One this year if you haven't been yet.

The new HD video board is simply fantastic and the new graphics package you see used is incredible.

Teenagers have their own area in center field next to the mini-golf to hang out and have a great time.

The Hot Corner presented by Buffalo Wild Wings, is now for adults with great food and of course adult beverages available as well as plenty activities to keep you busy during the game.

Also, last weekend I think I found my favorite food item at Rent One. I highly encourage you to get the cream cheese filled pretzel that is covered with sugar and cinnamon.

Enjoy your Friday night and we hope to see you this weekend at Rent One Park for Miners baseball. For tickets make sure to visit www.siminers.com