• Dave McKenzie

WHAT. A. GAME! Blues Advance To The Western Conference Finals

This was probably the best hockey game I’ve ever watched as the St. Louis Blues beat Dallas Stars 2-1 in double overtime.

In the last twenty four hours, I have poured over the reaction of fans far and wide. I’ve watched replay after replay.

Here are just a few of my favorite findings.

First, lets start with the game recap

The time honored tradition of the handshakes at center ice at the end of a series.

But this is my favorite part.

As a play-by-play guy, sometimes I forget to just let the crowd tell the story. Chris Kerber and Joey Vatalle had a great call and even better reaction to the win.

It was an unbelievable game. It was an unbelievable finish. It was a great night to be a St. Louis Blues fan.

On to the conference finals and no, I don’t care who they have to face.

Updated 5/9/19

The Blues will face the San Jose Sharks starting on Saturday night. Should be a great series as the Sharks will have home ice advantage.