• Dave McKenzie

The Joy of Reaching Your Goal

Last night while perusing the Facebook, I saw a video that absolutely touched my heart. I immediately began thinking back to an August night last year at Rent One Park during our "Stand Up For Blue" night with the Southern Illinois Miners.

In the crowd that night, I met Kolton and Amanda who had stopped in Marion for the night and decided to come to the ballgame. I have to say it's not everyday that you see two people who are dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

We began talking and they were sharing their story of walking 2918 miles from Georgia to Oregon to raise awareness for the Make A Wish Foundation and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

We took a couple of minutes to step away from the game and head in to a quiet place so we could chat and we decided to record a brief little interview.

I have been following their walk since that night, and here is the video they posted:

As you can see, Amanda and Kolton picked up an very tiny hitchhiker along the way to share in their journey.

I just wanted to take a moment to share their story with you. You can find out more about their story and look back on a walk that took 448 days to complete by visiting their website http://site.2918miles.com/

I hope to reach out to them and chat about this incredible accomplishment, but I think I might give them a day or two to rest. They deserve it.