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So Now We Know - IHSA Approves Modified Schedule for 2020/21

It's been a very busy day news wise for the Illinois High School Association as well as IHSA schools, staff, coaches players and parents. Now everyone has the modified schedule for the upcoming year.

The news cycle started at noon today when Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker announced the release of the "All Sports Policy" regarding sports in Illinois. This new policy will be "restricting youth and adult recreational organized sports,". This will not affect professional or college sports.

The All Sports Policy breaks each sport down in the risk categories, high, medium and low Risk. It then outlines four different levels of play ranging from no-contact practices in level 1 to tourneys and out of conference play in level 4.

But the question everyone had was what will the sports schedule look like?

At 2:00 pm today, the IHSA was to release their modified schedule at on the website. Turns out there was so much traffic to the site at the release time, the website crashed. But after a while, the following schedule was release in a press release. The schedule looks like this:

In the video below, I had a chance to talk to Carterville Lions Athletic Director and head football coach Brett Dial about today's developments.

Let's just hope that things can proceed toward fulfilling this new schedule and not have any setbacks at a later time.

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