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NFL Picks - Week 5

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Here it is 11:45 on Sunday and I realized I hadn't posted my picks for the week. So, short and sweet, here are my picks.

Jaguars at Texans ✅ 30-14 Texans

Bengals at Ravens ✅ 27-3 Ravens

Panthers at Falcons ✅ 23-16 Panthers

Raiders at Chiefs ❌ 40-32 Raiders

Cardinals at Jets ✅ 30-10 Cardinals

Eagles at Steelers ✅ 38-29 Steelers

Rams at Washington ✅ 30-10 Rams

Dolphins at 49ers ❌ 43-17 Dolphins

Giants at Cowboys ✅ 37-34 Cowboys

Colts at Browns ✅ 32-23 Browns

Vikings at Seahawks ✅ 27-26 Seahawks

Chargers at Saints30-27 Saints

Bills at Titans ❌ 42-16 Titans

Updated 10/13

Not a bad week this week going 10-3. Really enjoyed having a special Tuesday night game. I could get used to that.

Photo: Yahoo Sports

Injuries are a part of any sport, as anyone that participates in my opinion are warriors. Todays injury to Dak Prescott especially so. Good luck Dak with the recovery.

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