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NFL Picks - Week 3

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

After going 6-9 I week one, I said last week I needed to do better and better I did.

Last week I went 14-1, with the one game I missed being the Thursday night game where the Browns beat the Bengals.

So overall going into week three I am 20-10. For honesty's sake, I thought the Jaguars would beat Miami on Thursday night, however Miami got the win 31-13.

Let the picks begin.

49er's at Giants - 49er's 36-9

Niners suffered major injuries last week, and they are going to be paying to much attention to the turf they played on last week that caused so many injuries. Giants win.

Washington at Browns - Browns 34-20

Despite not having a mascot name, I think Washington has a decent team this year.

Bengals at Eagles - Tie 23-2-23

With the rookie QB in Burroughs, I think the Bengals pick up a big win on the road.

Raiders at Patriots - Patriots 36-20

With Vegas traveling across the country, look for Cam Newton to have a big game.

Bears at Falcons - Bears 30-26

I'm probably going to always pick my Bears, but I think the Falcons have a Dallas hangover after that unbelievable loss last week. Tribs finds a way to get it done for the Bears on the road.

Rams at Bills - Bills 35-32

The Rams have a pretty good team, but that cross country travel is a real thing. Bills at home.

Texans at Steelers - Steelers 28-21

Will the Texans start the season 0-3. I think so as Big Ben has his Steelers playing well.

Titans at Vikings - Titans 31-30

Titans are strong with a great running game. Look for the Vikings to go 0-3 and the Titans


Panthers at Chargers - Panthers 21-16

Tyrod Taylor is listed as out after the team doctor punctured his lung last week. Look for Teddy Bridgewater to lead the charge as Panthers get the win on the road.

Jets at Colts - Colts 36-7

With Indy at home, the J-E-T-S leave town 0-3.

Cowboys at Seahawks - Seahawks 38-31

You would think that the Cowboys would be able to go on a tear after the crazy win last week, however, not when you have to face Russell Wilson. Seahawks at home.

Lions at Cardinals - Lions 26-23

I think this would be my pick of the week. Cardinals at home.

Buccaneers at Broncos - Bucs 28-10

Tom Brady and Bucs will only get better each week. Broncos fall to 0-3.

Packers at Saints - Sunday Night - Packers 37-30

If there would be a normal crowd in New Orleans, I'd pick the Saints at home. Not this week.

Chiefs at Ravens - Chiefs 34-20

As much as it hurts me to say this, I think the Ravens get the "upset" win over the Chiefs at home.

Let's find out how this turns out. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Let's go Bears!!!


UPDATED 10/2/20

Just now getting to update how my picks went last week, but as you can see above, it was a pretty good week going 10-5.

Overall, I'm 31-15 through the first three weeks.

I'll post my week four picks on Saturday.

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