• Dave McKenzie

Catching Up with Things

Thought I would take a few moments to catch up on some things that have been going on of late.

Souther Illinois Miners Coach John Lakin (Photo by Byron Hetzler, The Southern)

Todd Hefferman of The Southern wrote a very nice article about one of the true good guys around, assistant coach John Lakin of the Southern Illinois Miners.

John has been with Mike's Pinto's staff for several years, coming to Rent One Park for weekend series after all of his real work as Sheriff of Madison County.

For the last few years, I've been able to be on the field for the Miners games as host. Even though we see each other for almost every home game, John will always, every single game, make his way toward me and we shake hands and say hello. He doesn't have to, he just does and I truly appreciate the gesture every single time.

Well done Todd for recognizing John with a great article.

Really proud of newly graduated senior from Carterville Sydney Monje, who had a spectacular game in the Southern Illinois Select softball game at Rent One Park on June 19th.

Sydney drove in four runs for the gold team to help them beat the grey team 13-12.

Here's the story of the game from The Southern.

Way to go Sydney!

Robbie Rowland before heading to Texas Rangers organization

Saturday afternoon, when I got to the ROP for the Miners game, I was informed that one of the Miner's pitchers had been picked up by the Texas Rangers organization. Turns out if was the Miner's ace pitcher, Robby Rowland.

It's bitter sweet when one the Miner's get picked up by a major league organization. First off, you hate to see them leave because they are one of your friends and they will no longer be around. But that feeling quickly subsides as you remember this is exactly why they are here in the Frontier League and specifically with the Miners....to make it with a MLB team.

Robbie Rowland taking a selfie with Jason Guerette while being interviewed during the Miner's Pre-game show.

Every single one of the players in the Frontier League are hoping to get the opportunity...just the chance to showcase their talents with the big boys. Miners Manager Mike Pinto is the best at helping these players get that call. Robbie is the fifty second player from the Miners to get that call and head off to the major league and the second in this still young season.

Not only is Robbie an incredibly tentacled pitcher on the mound, but a true clubhouse leader for the team. He is the one that helps keep the club house loose and he rarely has a bad day.

Good luck Robbie! Will be fun to watch your progress with the Texas Rangers.

Lions Field, Carterville High School

Do you realize we are only six weeks away from the start of IHSA High School football? Not that I'm counting, but it starts on August 6th. But again, not that I'm counting.

That's all for now. Hope you have a great week!